Frequently Asked Questions

Any Motor vehicle constructed,adapted or used to carry not more than six passegers excluding the driver for hire or reward.
1.vehicle should be Non accident 2. Engine check up 3.Gear box check up 4.Suspension check up 5.clutch check up 6.Rust check up.7 service history 8.Registration papers
Issued by financier to add hypothecation
Form – 28 in Triplicate duly signed by the owner/in quadruplicate in case of Hire Purchase/ Hypothecation/ Lease agreement duly signed by the owner and financier.
  • The Police clearance certificate from the area Police Station/Traffic department or from the CCS Detective Department from the Deputy Commissioner of Police.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate.
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One of the benefits of buying a certified used car is that you will usually get a warranty that is either the balance of the one that was included with the car when it was new, or an extension in terms of miles or months.
To sell your car for a individual person or dealership ,require the following documents.
  • 1.Original Registration copy(RC)
  • 2.Original Insurance if valid
  • 3."NOC & Form 35"(valid 90 days only from the day of issue) If Hypothicated with bank
  • 4.Form 28,form 29(2 copies), form 30 ,Transfer of insurance duly signed by register owner only
  • 5.Register owner ID Proff(pan card) and Address proff(adhar card)
  • 6.Manual Book ,service Book, warranty Book(If Required depends upon buyer)
  • Second key
A hatchback is a car with a hatch type rear door that opens upwards.
Seat belts year(year on seat belts)means manufactured year of seat belts itself.
Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Diesel Direct Injection System
Vehicle for physical Inspection .
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Tax payment receipt
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Pollution under Control Certificate if the vehicle is more than 1 year old
Valid driving Licence held by the applicant and copies thereon.
  • Copies of Passport, Visa ( where applicable) and Air ticket for verification.
  • Specifying the countries to be visited and the duration of stay.
For Non-Transport Vehicles that have completed 15 years of age from the date of their registraton.
1.Transport Vehicles that have completed 7 years of age from the date of their registration.
Licence to drive a Non-Transport Vehicle is valid for 20 years from the date of issue.
Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control.
There will be no green tax for LPG,CNG,BATEERY operated and SOLAR POWER VEHICLES.
Sales certificate in Form 21
  • Road worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Address(Ration Card, Electricity Bill,Gas bill).
Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
Variable valve Timing
A speed governor is a speed limiting device which either acts on the fuel supply line or the accelerator to control the speed at a specified speed.
The SRS stands for supplemental restraint system and its intended to provide protection above that offered by the sealt belt in the event of an accident.
Do not connect the jumper cable from the negative terminal of the booster battery to the negative terminal of the discharged battery.This can cause the discharged battery to overheat and crack,releasing battery acid.
1.Carburettor 2.spark plug(For ignition) 3.Fuel pump
1.A special fuel system has to be used 2.Heavy pressure cylinders are needed . 3.vehicle weight increases due to storage cylinders.
Three major enemies of the Air Conditioner are Air,Moisture, and Dirt.
In BS2 engine no catalytic converter is present which forms HC and CO.....and in BS3 there is catalytic converter which helps in reducing the HC and CO
1.For right hand crankshaft 1-5-3-6-2-4 2.For left hand crankshaft 1-4-2-6-3-5
The front air bag is designed to inflate in a frontal collision depending on the intensity,speed or angles of impact of the front collision.
An air bag is activated only when the ignition switch is turned to the on or start position.
  • An air bag inflates instantly in the event of a serious frontal collision in order to help protect the occupant from serious physical injury.
  • An air bag is designed to inflate based upon the severity of a collision and its direction.These two factors determine whether the sensors produce an electronic deployment/inflation signal.
  • An air bag deployment depends on a number of factors including vehicle speed,angles of impact and the density and stiffness of the vehicle or objects which your vehicle hits in the collision.
The list:
  • Single and Double Cylinder Engine
  • Triple Cylinder Engine
  • Four Cylinders Engine
  • Six Cylinders Engine
  • Eight Cylinders Engine
  • Twelve Cylinders Engine
  • Sixteen Cylinders Engine
Society of Automotive Engineers
Engine speed in Revolutions per minute(RPM)
1.Black or hot smoke 2.White or cold smoke 3.Blue smoke
1.Tube tyre 2.Tubeless tyre
Independent suspension is mounted of the wheel on seperate that road shocks efffects only the particular wheel.
A motor constructed with more than one cylinder,the several cylinders acting upon the same crankshaft.
BHP is Brake horsepower
Engine oils made up from three ingredients
  • 1.Base oils
  • 2.viscosity modifiers
  • 3.Performance additives
The inside diameter of a cylinder is called Bore.....Stroke is the distance of piston travels from bottom dead centre to top dead centre
CNG means-Compressed Natural Gas
Evaporator aborbs heat from the passengers compartment
Distance between front and rear axles
Tyres colour is in black due to the proportion of carbon mixed in it during the valcanization of the rubber to make the tyre shear resistant.without valcanization wont be able to bear the friction heat and stress of the road.Thus carbon is responsible for giving tyres the prominent black colour.
First of all file a FIR with your nearest local police statoin
  • Submit the photocopy of the FIR ,car keys,and a non traceable certificate to your insurance company.
  • You can always claim the full IDV amount in case your car is stolen.
Insured declared value(IDV) if thr vehicle suffers total loss,IDV is the compensation that the insurer will provide to the policy holder.IDV is calculated as manufacturers listed selling price minus depreciation.The registartion and insurance cost are excluded from IDV
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
yes ,purchasing a policy nline is cheaper than buying it offline or through agent.Buy it online,there is no agent or broker comission too be paid by the insurance company.Also cost related to plicy insurance is aslo low in case of online buying.
yes ,purchasing a policy nline is cheaper than buying it offline or through agent.Buy it online,there is no agent or broker comission too be paid by the insurance company.Also cost related to policy insurance is aslo low in case of online buying.
1.Liability only policy: Third party Liability insurance is mandatory fr all registered vehicles in india.
  • 2.Comprehensive policy: Protectioon against damages to the vehicle plus the Liability only policy.
There are three primary types of coverage offered by the majority of car insurance providers. They include liability, collision, and comprehensive.
Basic document to claim insurance
  • Claim form
  • Registration certificate
  • Copy of FIR and final police report
  • Driving license of the driver involved in the incident
No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward, given by an insurer to a policyholder for making no claims during the policy term. NCB can be accumulated as a discount on the premiums over years. NCB discount ranges from 20% to 50% on the own damage premium.
Any damage to the car due to war, terror attacks, invasion, foreign enemy action, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, hostilities, radiation or nuclear material/weapons are not covered under a standard motor policy
Exchanges the coverage of the basis car insurance,reducing your expenses to almost Zero.Controls expenses incurres as a result of depreciatin cost of the insured car,as per the prevailing market value.
Yes,depends upon the age of the vehicle you can get the loan for used car.
  • However, interest rates would be slightly higher for such vehicles.
No you cannot sell the vehicle with out No objection certificate .
  • The NOC can only be obtained after foreclosure or after you have paid off your loan.
Yes. One can pre-pay the loan any time after 6 months of availing of the loan.
1.identity(pan card)
  • address proof(adhar card,current bill,gas bill),
  • income proof
  • 6 months bank statement
  • if employee,company id card
  • Three months payslip if necessary
car loans range from 1-7 years depends upon banks
  • you can opt for a lower tenure loan if you can service a higher EMI or a higher tenure loan if you cannot afford high EMI.
  • no
First offence Rs.200/-.
  • Second offence Rs.500/-.
First offence Rs.1000/-.
  • Second offence Rs.2000/-
First offence Rs.5000/-
  • Second offence Rs 10,000/- or 1 year or both.
First offence 6 months or Rs. 2,000/- or both
  • Second or subsequent offence committed within 3 years of previous commission 2 years Rs.3,000/- or both.
section 161 also provides for compensation to the victims oof the hit & run twenty five thousand rupees in case oof death and twelve thousand rupees and five hundred rupees in case of rievous hurt.
For the first time is Rs 1,000 and for the secoond time Rs 2,000
People plying with defective or fancy number plates in the national capital would now have to shell out upto Rs 2000 instead of the earlier Rs 100.
Imprisonment of upto 1 month and or fine upto Rs 500 for the first offence and imprisonment upt 1 mnth and for fine upto rs 10,000 for second offence
This is a felny that ,upon cnviction,will result in asentence of between 3 and 15 years of imprisonment or between 5 and 20 years of habitual violatrs with no parole for at least 1 year